Porsche club Germany


Membership of any of the family of Purely Porsche Clubs (Porsche Club UK; Porsche Club US; Porsche Club Germany or Porsche Club Australia) is, and always will be, free of charge but includes a range of benefits and access to useful on-line databases:

  • all members receive our quarterly on-line newsletter featuring stories and pictures about Porsche cars;
  • all members have access to our comprehensive databases including Porsche File (full details of every supplier and resource for every Porsche) and Porsche Archive (full specification and details of every Porsche road-going model plus listings of codes and other useful stuff);
  • all members also have full access to our other Porsche-related sites;
  • all members receive discounts and other special offers from a range of suppliers and partners.

In Summary:

  • free access to guaranteed accurate details of every Porsche
  • free access to comprehensive database of suppliers and resources
  • free quarterly newsletter
  • discounts and special offers (see our FAQ for the latest list)

Porsche club Germany